What is the Healthy Plate Chart?

The nutrition powerhouse of fruit is the orange part of the MyPlate chart. About one-quarter of a person’s plate should be devoted to fruit. Another important portion of the plate is devoted to whole grains. Whole grains contain dietary fiber and help you stay full longer. Refined grains, on the other hand, are processed and stripped of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole grains should make up at least half of a person’s diet.


The MyPlate healthy plate chart is a guide to a healthier diet. In place of the traditional food pyramid, this plate chart encourages a balance of foods that include vegetables, whole grains, protein, and fat. The concept is based on the principle that a person should fill half of their plate with fruit and vegetables, and the other half with whole grains and lean meat.


When the MyPyramid healthy plate chart first debuted in 2005, it was criticized for its lack of meaningful information. The pyramid was based on the Food Guide Pyramid, which was developed in 1992. It emphasized the right proportions of food groups, and also included an image of a person walking up a staircase. It also featured measurements in cups and ounces.

Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid

The Harvard School of Public Health has released a new healthy eating pyramid based on research findings. The pyramid uses the familiar pyramid shape to outline the basics of good nutrition. The guide is available for download for free and is part of the school’s newly-launched website, The Nutrition Source. It breaks down each component of a healthy diet and provides recipes by celebrity chefs.

MyPlate food groups

In 2011, the First Lady and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack introduced the MyPlate food group chart. It has since become the primary symbol for the federal government’s food groups, reminding consumers to choose healthy foods. However, critics have noted several problems with the new visual. They point to inconsistencies, such as missing a recommendation for physical activity. They also claim the plate fails to emphasize the role of snacks, which are an integral part of a healthy diet.

Serving size chart

Using a serving size chart to plan your meals is a good way to eat more healthily. While the size of food portions on food labels can be confusing, a chart will help you visualize how much is enough to eat. The USDA MyPlate has a helpful guide for determining serving sizes of common foods.

MyPlate’s red figure

According to the National Institute of Diabetes, one in three adults in the United States are obese. More than 37.3 million people in the country have at least one type of diabetes, and about 1.4 million people develop the disease every year. While the number of diabetes cases continues to rise, heart disease remains the number one killer, accounting for nearly one in four deaths in the country.

MyPlate’s green figure

The current nutrition guide for Americans is the MyPlate chart, which replaces the outdated Food Pyramid. It encourages eating more fruits and vegetables at mealtime. The goal is to fill half of your plate with foods rich in antioxidants, and the other two-fourths of your plate should be made up of lean protein. The plate chart is designed to be more appealing to consumers and easier to understand.

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